[SDL] Sound and Music

Koshmaar koshmaar at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Sep 14 06:09:48 PDT 2005

> there's another problem with fmod: no sources!! so you cannot compile 
> your own static library.

If you buy a license, you get the sources.

> and i tell you what: i really DO NOT WANT to depend my game on any dlls 
> except os provided dlls.  why? i like games that are contained all into 
> a single exe file. no installation, no unpacking. just download and 
> start. how should i do it with dlls?

Do you realy think it's possible to create huge commercial game (like 
Quake IV, WoW, Unreal Tournament 2004 etc.) which consists of only one 
exe, that contains all of game assets? Even when he's not creating such 
a game, still it would be amazingly difficult, and would provide no 
important gains / advantages (from programmers point of view). Not to 
mention that unpacking everything from such exe would be a slow and 
painfull process. And if you think that there's no need for assets, that 
everything can be generated on the fly... how much time will your game 
take in the initialization phase, generating every model, texture, sound?

Even SDL needs to have its dll distributed with games (or at least, 
that's how I was doing for years and seen that everyone else was doing 
it like me).

The same goes with OpenAL (dll needed) and SDL_Mixer (which can be 
linked staticaly, but GNU LGPL requires to distribute sources, or sth 
like that).

For clarity, I'm not against your point of view - I also like static 
libraries, but your statement about one-exe games is... :-/

> sure, there are commercial tools to embed dlls and all other resources 
> into the exe file, but then you need some temporary space to unpack the 
> dlls to this means writing to a probably slow / overfull / write 
> protected disk and adds platform specific code to detect temp directory 
> etc.

Right, so you also see that one-exe games have no future :-)


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