[SDL] Unicode key and AltGr support

Christophe Cavalaria chris.cavalaria at free.fr
Fri Sep 30 17:00:30 PDT 2005

Marian Schedenig wrote:

>On Tuesday 13 September 2005 22:32, Koshmaar wrote:
>>If you don't plan to sell your game (or don't have the money to buy a
>>license for commercial project), you may use FMOD and FMOD Ex for free.
>Well, this one should be GNU when I finally clean up the code enough to 
>release it without feeling ashamed. ;) But I have already plans for a next 
>game, which will probably come as a shareware version (either that, or it 
>will probably too much work for us to do it). I'm trying really hard to make 
>my classes low-level enough to carry them over to that new game, so I'm not 
>really comfortable with FMOD's license (I did see the shareware option in the 
>license, but I'm still not too excited).
there's another problem with fmod: no sources!! so you cannot compile 
your own static library.
and i tell you what: i really DO NOT WANT to depend my game on any dlls 
except os provided dlls.  why? i like games that are contained all into 
a single exe file. no installation, no unpacking. just download and 
start. how should i do it with dlls?
sure, there are commercial tools to embed dlls and all other resources 
into the exe file, but then you need some temporary space to unpack the 
dlls to this means writing to a probably slow / overfull / write 
protected disk and adds platform specific code to detect temp directory 

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