[SDL] Any news about...?

Stephane Marchesin stephane.marchesin at wanadoo.fr
Tue Sep 13 13:43:37 PDT 2005

Eric Vidal wrote:
> Sam Lantinga wrote:
>>> It's supposedly in SDL1.3 CVS, though I haven't been able to locate 
>>> that particular code in it.
>> No, it's not in yet.  I wanted to re-evaluate the pbuffer support and 
>> possibly
>> pull it before integrating glSDL.
> I've recently submitted patches to 1.3 to extend pbuffer support to 
> floating point colors, because currently the OpenGL color buffer float 
> extensions can only be done on a pbuffer.  I wonder what happened to 
> it.  :)
> If pbuffer support will be pulled out, it might make it impossible to 
> support floating-point color buffers at all.  I can probably think of a 
> hack to fake the creation of a window with floating-point colors, but 
> actually uses a pbuffer internally.  It will be messy, though.
> A possible alternative would be just to redesign the SDL pbuffer API so 
> that it's out of the way of glSDL.  I don't yet understand why it would 
> be in glSDL's way, though.  :)  Does glSDL uses its own pbuffers to 
> handle SDL surfaces?

No. But if SDL had "portable" pbuffers, these could be used. Anyway, the 
frame buffer object extension is coming in quite strong, support-wise 
and is not platform-specific. So I think we'll use that, if we ever want 
to implement this features.


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