[SDL] Re: Some multithreaded improvement to the event queue...

Roger D. Vargas roger at ehtsc.co.cu
Tue Sep 13 09:07:10 PDT 2005

El mar, 13-09-2005 a las 18:41, Marc A. Pelletier escribió:
> Bob Pendleton wrote:
> > Good luck. I released a replacement library that does just what you did
> > http://gameprogrammer.com/fastevents/fastevents1.html I did it that way
> > because I could not get agreement to put code like yours into SDL. It
> > wasn't accepted because SDL runs on operating systems that do not
> > support threads.
> This may not be such a problem; my patch does nothing unless you
> specifically request SDL_INIT_EVENTTHREAD (and get it) so OSes that do not
> support thread will not be affected.
What OSes doesnt support threads?

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