[SDL] What is wrong with SDL_TTF?

Ricardo Cruz rpmcruz at clix.pt
Tue Sep 13 09:38:02 PDT 2005

 What I suggested was to convert the TTF files into a bitmap format files and 
then use the latter in your game. As you do, you have to convert the 
vectorial fonts into raster bitmaps at run-time (yes, initializalition 
happens during run-time).
 It would avoid making your code more complex, the extra dependencies, the 
need for more processor (and yes, I understood it is only once per run), and 
possible differences on the TTF renderer.

 If it worths it or not, it's your call. For me, it doesn't make much sense to 
convert TTF into bitmap on the fly.


Em Terça, 13 de Setembro de 2005 13:57, o kds escreveu:
> > Ricardo Cruz wrote:
> >
> >  In my opinion, instead of converting TTF fonts to bitmaps in run-time
> > you
> >
> > should do so before to avoid extra dependecy, make the engine simpler and
> > use
> > of less cpu and memory.
> >  Making a program to convert TTF to a bitmap is very simple, as well as
> > making
> > it accept arguments and add graphical effects.
> Well, I don't catch the diffrence beetwen your solution and my code. I
> actually convert TTF to bitmaps in application initialization - class TFont
> loads TTF in constructor, creates bitmaps and close TTF. I included this
> code in my previous e-mail (fontman.cpp and fontman.h) - take a look ;)
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