[SDL] What is wrong with SDL_TTF?

kds kds71 at interia.pl
Tue Sep 13 05:57:08 PDT 2005

> Ricardo Cruz wrote:
>  In my opinion, instead of converting TTF fonts to bitmaps in run-time you
> should do so before to avoid extra dependecy, make the engine simpler and
> use 
> of less cpu and memory.
>  Making a program to convert TTF to a bitmap is very simple, as well as
> making 
> it accept arguments and add graphical effects.

Well, I don't catch the diffrence beetwen your solution and my code. I actually convert TTF to bitmaps in application initialization - class TFont loads TTF in constructor, creates bitmaps and close TTF. I included this code in my previous e-mail (fontman.cpp and fontman.h) - take a look ;)


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