[SDL] Serious problems with SDL_net and OS X

Christopher Corkum hacker at nbnet.nb.ca
Wed Sep 28 11:46:25 PDT 2005

> Well, assuming the two faster machines are limiting the frame rate to 
> the 60 Hz refresh rate (retrace sync), there must be something very 
> wrong with the setup or something on the Duron.

It's strange, but it was tested on two similar machines - both with 
duron 800 - both 3-4 fps.

> Are you sure the driver actually provided hardware acceleration for 
> the pixel format you were using? Did other OpenGL software run with 
> decent frame rates on that system? Maybe your code relied on some 
> feature that wasn't supported by the Riva 2 card... Some odd blending 
> mode, texture filtering or something that that chip cannot 
> accelerate?

It is possible. I will check it and try other settings...

> Either way, with a design like that (prerendered glyphs), SDL_TTF 
> should be out of the loop (literally!) once you've rendered your 
> fonts. So, if it's still slow, it should have nothing to do with TTF 
> rendering, unless you put some code in the wrong place...

Hmm... I just call the opengl lists (my code is similar to code I found 
on NeHe).

Well, probably it is about texture filtering. AFAIR I used linear filtering.


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