[SDL] DirectX mouse problem

Albert Fernández Marsal afmarsal at cirsa.com
Wed Sep 28 09:45:53 PDT 2005

 > Koshmaar wrote:
> 1) It all depends on how are you rendering your text, especially - 
> whether you are calling TTF_RenderText etc. every frame for the same 
> text. It's much better to identify texts that don't change too often and 
> cache them. You know, memory allocation (which TTF_RenderText is doing) 
> is very slow, and doing it every frame, for every possible line of text, 
> will kill your framerate.

Well, I need to render text every frame, because I use it in widgets 
such as memo or list - text is changing very often.

 > bloomp at rpi.edu wrote:
 > Yes, bitmaps fonts.

I think we are talking about same solution - fonts I use are bitmap 
fonts, indeed (I'm talking about my opengl code). Only diffrence is I 
don't load font from bitmap but I create bitmap from TTF on TFont object 
initialization. As I wrote in previous e-mail - it works terrible on 
duron 800 (256 mb ram, riva 2), but it was written in OpenGL. Now I will 
do it without OpenGL and will see results.


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