[SDL] Re: Print Screen Key not working in Windows

Phil Steinmeyer psteinmeyerpublic at charter.net
Mon Sep 12 08:24:50 PDT 2005

Rainer Deyke <rainerd <at> eldwood.com> writes:

> Phil Steinmeyer wrote:
> > Outside of my game, I can use Print Screen properly (i.e. to do 
screen capture
> > and  paste into Photoshop).
> You can also do this within the game.

Well yes, if I could detect when the Print Screen button was pressed - 
that's my problem.  If I can capture the keypress, then I can do what 
I need to do.  But the keypress does not show up - not through SDL's 
messaging system, and not through Windows' messaging system (the 
latter, I presume, is because SDL is intercepting and consuming all 
keypress messages.  Unfortunately, it's dropping the print screen 

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