[SDL] Any news about...?

Sam Lantinga slouken at twomix.devolution.com
Sat Sep 10 21:12:19 PDT 2005

> It's supposedly in SDL1.3 CVS, though I haven't been able to locate that 
> particular code in it.

No, it's not in yet.  I wanted to re-evaluate the pbuffer support and possibly
pull it before integrating glSDL.

> I glance at it in the web CVS every once in a while hoping for progress, but 
> don't see anything but the basic plans put there two years ago.  Either it's 
> being developed in seclusion or been abandoned in favor of just enhancing 
> SDL12/SDL13.

Yep, SDL12 and SDL13 are the active development branches at this point.

	-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

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