[SDL] Reopenning video.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Thu Sep 8 11:32:37 PDT 2005

> Im working with SDL & OPENGL.
> But on my game, have some videos that can be processed faster with 2D mode.
> I'm trying by re-running SDL_SetVideoMode, without OPENGL [or with SDL
> OPENGLBLIT), but it isnt working.
> The screen isnt updating again, after rerunned this function.
> Have any type of restart screen function, or some trash that should be
> cleaned before it?

Is this Windows with the latest DirectX installed? It seems that 
something has broken there...

All you should have to do is recall SDL_SetVideoMode(). You might get 
better results if you explicitly call SDL_Quit() before the second 
SDL_SetVideoMode(), but you shouldn't have to do this...this is an SDL bug.


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