[SDL] Re: relying on SDL_Joystick constants ?

Guillaume Denis denis at cri.ensmp.fr
Thu Sep 8 10:07:41 PDT 2005

Ryan C. Gordon <icculus <at> clutteredmind.org> writes:

> No one likes hearing this, but the BEST THING you can do is put a 
> configuration option in-game.
> This, of course, takes more work, but it's the only reasonable way to 
> handle joysticks...and really, this also solves a lot of problems when 
> your game doesn't work as expected on AZERTY keyboards, too, so sooner 
> or later you'll want to do this.
> --ryan.

This can be a lot of work, considering hats recognized as buttons or axis, etc.
The next step being to save configurations...


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