[SDL] A sad week

Sam Lantinga slouken at twomix.devolution.com
Wed Sep 21 20:44:25 PDT 2005

* Ryan C. Gordon <icculus at clutteredmind.org> wrote:

> >For example, I guess not any joysticks return the same constant for L1 
> >button.
> >Are there better solutions that involving the final player or dealing with
> >a known database of configurations ?
> No one likes hearing this, but the BEST THING you can do is put a 
> configuration option in-game.
> Something like "Move forward: [SOME DEFAULT]" that when the user clicks 
> on, you pop up a message saying "press the key/button/axis you want to 
> use" and then check for new keypresses and joystick input, iterating 
> over all new buttons. When you see a new input, use that. There are lots 
> of good examples of this in existing games.

I'd prefer the idea of a common database. This could reside in the
user's homedir and is configured by a separate config app, which works
as you've pointed out. I don't see any need for having evryone doing
his own implementation. This is redundant.

We just have to define a standard for this configs.

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