[SDL] keyboard events

Michael Whitman mwhitman at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 11:05:04 PDT 2005

Tyler Montbriand wrote:
> OK, here's the real patch, against the current CVS.  Also attached is the test 
> program I used to prove audio input was working, which shows a basic ugly 
> 512x512 audio scope.

Is there a reason that audio input and output has to come from the same 
device? This makes sense if you have a microphone plugged into an Audigy 
card that is also outputting to speakers, but what if I want to play to 
those speakers but capture from a USB headset like the one that ships 
with SOCOM for the PS2, or use the microphone on a firewire iSight 
camera (which has no audio output hardware at all)?


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