[SDL] SDL and multiwindow project...

Marcin Kawelski kardigen at o2.pl
Wed Sep 21 00:03:18 PDT 2005

E. Wing wrote:

>> If someone could come up with a neat toy to generate Xcode
>> projects for all of Mac OS X 10.2, and 10.3 and 10.4 from
>> a _single_ definition file - that would be a great thing.
> That's sounds like CMake :) Actually, they just added support for
> Xcode, so it's going to start with Xcode 1.5/2.0 so we miss
> pre-Panther. Also, they also lack the framework build style which is
> the reason I haven't yet implemented the CMake build scripts for SDL.
> They do have the .app bundle support though which is very convenient
> for using SDL in a project, if not building SDL itself. I haven't had
> time to try implementing the framework build process into CMake
> myself. I'm hoping somebody else might be kind enough to implement it
> before I do (which could be a long while :)

It shouldn't be harder to do "convert" a library into a .framework,
then converting an executable into an .app bundle. Just different ?

Of course, that doesn't help with converting *from* old Xcode / PB,
so all changes need then be made in the CMake/whichever new system ?

I'll take a peek at CMake, but not so fond of Yet Another Build 
(maybe I will wait for your CMake script for building SDL first, though)

Q: Would that change be for all of SDL, or just for the Mac OS X builds 

> I'm not sure how good the CrashReporter is. I don't think it
> automatically goes into the Radar system. I recently had a bug where I
> knew which Apple employee that the bug would have to be reviewed by. I
> added a hello message to him. Next time I talk to him, I'll have to
> ask if he actually saw it and if it gets placed into the radar.

Well, I've been locked out of Radar for 5 months but just got back in...
Fired quite a few bugs on RadarWeb itself, since the WebObjects rewrite.

I'm thinking they knew about most of this, when they rushed Tiger out ?

> Apple has a brand new installer for Tiger. It's supposed to give a lot
> of capabilities that developers have been complaining about for years.
> But I think it's Tiger only. There's also a learning curve I think. I
> really do want to keep the system simple. I also don't think we really
> need the capabilities of the installer.

I haven't seen much of these new features yet, just the new file 
Maybe it'll support upgrades and uninstalls and queries, Real Soon Now 

> The dmg is motivated by Apple's standard guidelines. Basically, they 
> say,
> 1) The best option is to ship as a .dmg if drag and drop is possible.
> 2) If drag and drop is not possible, go to Apple's installer.

The DMG (gzipped HFS+) is not a bad format for Apple's Mac OS X systems.
Just that it's darn near impossible to read/create from anywhere else ?

Similar with the PKG format (pax/bom), it works "OK" for the Mac 
but I can't read/create the packages from any other platforms that I 

> The other advantage of the .dmg is we could ultimately spruce it up
> and make it look very attractive by changing the sizes and
> arrangement, and putting in a background image or something. Maybe
> you've seen some of the nice looking dmgs out there?

Yeah, I've done a few of those. Did some PKG resources for SDL,
but didn't bother too much with doing a DMG image background...

But I'll think I'll add the new SDL logo now, just as a little example.
(if I ever get the new PKG/DMG done that is, in my Copious Spare Time)

> The deployment sounds resonable. For development, Ryan was actually
> telling me to drop Panther for Xcode support too since Xcode 2.1
> breaks that support and I should have just overwritten the old Xcode
> project. I left it around in case somebody needs it, but none of us
> actually want to spend time supporting development on Panther. I
> probably should have listened to him and just overwritten the file :)

If you are not going to support it / update it, then just delete them...
Same goes for the CWProjects, and even for the tiny little MPW 
makefiles ?

Having lived through most of this in the SpriteWorld project, I know 
kind of problems you get from having six different project files around.

(CodeWarrior Pro 5, CodeWarrior Pro 6, CodeWarrior 8,
  ProjectBuilder 2.0, Xcode 1.2 - 1.5, Xcode 2.0 - 2.1)

That's why I first started using MPW-GM, and later GNU Make instead. :-P
(for the Mac builds that is, it's a lot more common to use them on 

The Makefiles have the advantage of being readable/editable by humans.
It's also *cheaper* than having to buy CodeWarrior or upgrade Mac OS X ?

Since SDL is part of my legacy builds, I'm juggling _all_ of the old 
(as I have the programs still installed on my Panther developer 

When migrating to Tiger for next year or so, none of that will follow.
More used to Free Software now, so I will use that - unless I have to.

> I think Sam built the OS 9 stuff. I'm not involved on that side of
> things, but I don't think it's actively maintained anymore. I think if
> anything breaks with it, that's probably the end of it.

I've built all of it here from "Classic", so it works (with a few 
Both the Classic builds (InterfaceLib), and the Carbon builds 

 From a historical point of view, it's kinda sad to see the Mac platform 
go ?
Especially for a project like SDL that's been ported to some weird 


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