[SDL] Borland C libs for SDL 1.2.9

dm2 at mi.madritel.es dm2 at mi.madritel.es
Mon Sep 5 02:27:37 PDT 2005

I don't mix libraries version to avoid a possible unknown behaviour (usually, errors).
But I'm not sure if you can do that.

Anyway, there is a way to compile only sdlmain. Go to libsdl source code, look for src/main/win32 and there is a file, SDL_win32_main.c.
Now, you only have to compile it with Borland C but only to get the object code (do not link it). And finally, you will have a sdl_main.obj :)

On the other hand, did you mean that you can use SDL.dll with Borland compiler without to recompile the whole library with Borland? I'm very interested on that success, could you explain me that? 
Thanks and good luck!
Roberto Prieto
MegaStorm Systems (c)

---- "Albert Fernández Marsal" <afmarsal at cirsa.com> escribió: 
> Hello,
> I upgraded from SDL 1.2.8 to SDL 1.2.9 and when I recompiled using the SDL.lib 
> and SDLMain.lib provided with the sources, I see that the compiling versions 
> belong to 1.2.8 release. Actually, the modification date of both files on SDL 
> 1.2.9 is the same as those on 1.2.8. I can generate SDL.lib from SDL.dll using 
> implib, but I don't know how to generate SDLMain.lib (without recompiling the 
> full SDL, because that leads to another kind of problems).
> My questions:
> - Is there any problem if I use a diferent version of the lib files when 
> compiling and at runtime ?
> - Can I generate (without recompiling sources) SDLMain.lib? (doing sthg 
> similar to using implib to generate SDL.lib)
> Thank you in advance!
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