[SDL] SDL and OpenGL

Roger D. Vargas roger at ehtsc.co.cu
Thu Sep 15 12:46:15 PDT 2005

On Thursday 01 September 2005 14:37, Arne Claus wrote:
> Now for my question: Is there any possibility to pass that window-
> handle to sdl? I'm not that good in (read: I've never done) WinAPI
> programming, so I would really like to stay with SDL, especially
> after I've seen the Nehe-Tutorial for creating a OpenGL-window under
> windows - I must say "I'm not amused" ^^

Search for the window id hack.

You can set an env var SDL_WINDOWID (or similar, can't remember exactly)
to your desired window handle.
AFAIK, using this method you have to process native event yourself.


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