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Vladimir Prelovac vprelovac at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 15 02:39:47 PDT 2005

I have to add an important note, that behaviour only occurs when my loaded surface has alpha per pixel information... maybe as it needs the alpha component...Does it always store the surface as 32bits? 

I'm thinking that is possible that converted 32bits surface has the R,G,B pixel information stores as screen format...but it needs a 32bits pixel to store alpha...

Could anyone clarify me this aspect?

thanks you!
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  Hi guys!

  I have a little question, maybe someone has the right answer.
  Well, I set the video mode to 16bits and I load a 32bits surface, how is quite possible that its format will be different to screen format(in fact, depth color are different...), I used SDL_DisplayFormat() or SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha(), depend on the kind of surface, but none of them seem to change the depth color... when I saw the BitsPerPixel value of my loaded surface after to do a displayformat, free the original surface and set last one to the returned one by SDL_DisplayFormat().... I can see 32bits!

  Before that, I though that everything is converted(depth color too) but right now I'm a little intrigued with this behaviour, is something wrong? is must be converted to 16bits? or is a normal behaviour?

  Thanks you very much in advance!




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