[SDL] SDL-1.2.9 amd64 assembly patch

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Thu Sep 8 00:48:03 PDT 2005

> There is a problem though.  ./configure does not pick up that assembly is 
> possible under amd64;  not even ./configure --enable-nasm can force it.  I 
> had to put -DUSE_ASMBLIT in the cflags myself, and explicitly disable two 
> little things that didn't easily work under amd64 with #ifdef's.
> The problem as it appears to me, is that the configure script makes no 
> distinction between NASM support and inline assembly support.  AMD64 supports 
> inline assembly but not the NASM stuff.  A seperate configure option like 
> --enable-inline-asm would be very useful.

Ideally, it'll just use the inline asm on supported platforms without 
having to force it in the configure script (and be seperate from nasm).

Can someone take a stab at this so we can get this into CVS?


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