[SDL] SDL+Linux non root mode.

Omar Baqueiro obaqueiro at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 05:34:07 PDT 2005

Hello, it is my first post to the SDL mailing list. 
Here is my situation:

I am trying to download/install SDL libraries on Linux. The issue I have is 
that I CAN NOT get root access so I need to install everything on my home 

Now, I downloaded the last SDL sources, and I already run ./configure & make 
succesfully. Now, when running "make install" it does throw an error (can 
not create libSDL...a file, permission denied) because I do not have 
permission to write to the /usr/lib directory.

What I would like to know is what file/line should I modify in order to copy 
the lib and include files to some place on my /home dir (like /home/omar/lib 
and /home/omar/include).

What I plan to do is to include the .h files and link the lib files using 

I *think* it is possible but I am not 100%, can anybody help me??

Thank you!


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