[SDL] Borland C libs for SDL 1.2.9

Albert Fernández Marsal afmarsal at cirsa.com
Mon Sep 5 00:27:44 PDT 2005


I upgraded from SDL 1.2.8 to SDL 1.2.9 and when I recompiled using the SDL.lib 
and SDLMain.lib provided with the sources, I see that the compiling versions 
belong to 1.2.8 release. Actually, the modification date of both files on SDL 
1.2.9 is the same as those on 1.2.8. I can generate SDL.lib from SDL.dll using 
implib, but I don't know how to generate SDLMain.lib (without recompiling the 
full SDL, because that leads to another kind of problems).

My questions:
- Is there any problem if I use a diferent version of the lib files when 
compiling and at runtime ?
- Can I generate (without recompiling sources) SDLMain.lib? (doing sthg 
similar to using implib to generate SDL.lib)

Thank you in advance!

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