[SDL] Problems with the Mac projects

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Fri Sep 2 04:17:36 PDT 2005

I tried the various Xcode projects in SDL 1.2.9,
and they each seem to be having some issues...

a) PBProjects.tar.gz (for Mac OS X 10.2, PB 2.1)

This one looked out of date, and had been "upgraded"
by Xcode it seemed. Downgrading it again, and adding
the missing "SDL_coreaudio.c" seems to have worked ?

b) Xcode.tar.gz (for Mac OS X 10.3, Xcode 1.5)

This one was mostly cosmetic, looked like a real
quick-n-dirty upgrade from the old ProjectBuilder...
All the targets were still named " (Upgraded)", and
the non-native targets were still left in the project ?
The bundle suffix should be changed too, to: SDL.xcode

c) Xcode21.tar.gz (for Mac OS X 10.4, Xcode 2.1)

This project, like the others before it, uses the
aggressive "-O3" optimization. This setting, and in
fact anything above "-O", seems to crash fat builds...
(i.e. Apple's gcc4 compiler segfaulted when building)
When building for PowerPC/Intel, it had to be eased up.
Project is now named SDL.xcodeproj, new format (again).

Some other notes (same for all three versions)
They were mostly being "documented", but anyway.

* Why does the "build" _install_ the framework ?
   (that should be done in the "install" style)
* Why is the default build style "Development" ?
   (wouldn't "Deployment" be a better default)

* Wouldn't it be easier to have the xcode plist dirs in
   the CVS, instead of the three compressed tarballs ?
* Some of the pkg-support still says "SDL 1.2.8", and
   also uses a bunch of hacks (like the "package" script)

Might as well switch to using Apple's PackageMaker ?
(there's one for each major Xcode version, as usual)

I'm assuming that you want to continue all three
development platforms and now five deployment ones...
(counting Mac OS X86 10.4u/Universal Binary as one)

Otherwise, ProjectBuilder and Mac OS X 10.1 _could_
be scrapped now as they are getting pretty obsolete.
(bringing it down to two dev. and four dep. platforms)


But the new patch for SDL 1.2.9 seems to be working fine,
so I'll post that in the weekend. Even built as "fat"...
(after upgrading gnu libtool to anything 1.5.2, or later)

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