[SDL] A question about SDL_DisplayFormat()...

Roberto Prieto dm2 at mi.madritel.es
Thu Sep 1 12:44:40 PDT 2005

Hi guys!

I have a little question, maybe someone has the right answer.
Well, I set the video mode to 16bits and I load a 32bits surface, how is quite possible that its format will be different to screen format(in fact, depth color are different...), I used SDL_DisplayFormat() or SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha(), depend on the kind of surface, but none of them seem to change the depth color... when I saw the BitsPerPixel value of my loaded surface after to do a displayformat, free the original surface and set last one to the returned one by SDL_DisplayFormat().... I can see 32bits!

Before that, I though that everything is converted(depth color too) but right now I'm a little intrigued with this behaviour, is something wrong? is must be converted to 16bits? or is a normal behaviour?

Thanks you very much in advance!


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