[SDL] Passing existing hwnd handle (windows screensaver)

Arne Claus priest at seraphim.info
Thu Sep 1 05:37:58 PDT 2005

I'm currently writing a small opengl+sdl screensaver for windows. The  
problem is, that my main programming environment is a mac and I just  
switch over to windows (virtual pc) to compile and test.
However - the screensaver works, but on some systems it's lagging  
*really* bad, like 8 fps or so.
After what I found on the net about win-screensavers I guess (yes,  
just a guess) it's got something to do with the window-handle windows  
passes to the screensaver by commandline parameter (and which I'm not  
using at the moment), because on the very same computer the  
screensaver works fine when started as a "normal" application.

Now for my question: Is there any possibility to pass that window- 
handle to sdl? I'm not that good in (read: I've never done) WinAPI  
programming, so I would really like to stay with SDL, especially  
after I've seen the Nehe-Tutorial for creating a OpenGL-window under  
windows - I must say "I'm not amused" ^^


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