[SDL] SDL and other Languages.

Alex Volkov avcp-sdlmail at usa.net
Mon Nov 28 16:29:24 PST 2005

Mario König wrote:
> I wrote some funktions to draw little widgets [snip]
> Is it possible to draw these Widgets on a Form, created with VB or VFP ?

It's possible but SDL is a one-window library. You would not want to use SDL
in such a way.

> I tried it like this: I wrote a ActiveX-OCX and used SDL in
> this ActiveX. It works, but every time it will open a new window,
> if i load the OCX on a Form. I have the CDC-Window-Handler.
> Is it possible to draw on this window (with SDL) ?

Possible, but only in *one* window at a time. You cannot effectively use SDL
to implement an OCX because of several things: one already mentioned above,
OCX windowless activation, OCX tech is inherently designed around the
Windows arch and SDL does not provide those tidbits; I am sure there are
more, but I cannot think of any right now.

Windows GDI provides just about everything you would need to render your
control, including alpha-blending starting from Windows 2000.


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