[SDL] Re: SDL_WarpMouse() and SDL_ShowCursor()

Ricardo Cruz rpmcruz at clix.pt
Mon Nov 28 07:23:49 PST 2005

Em Segunda 28 Novembro 2005 13:45, o David Olofson escreveu:
> On Monday 28 November 2005 10.51, Christian Walther wrote:
> [...]
> > Here on Mac OS X (Cocoa), SDL_WarpMouse() does affect hidden mouse
> > cursors (grabbed or not), and that makes perfect sense to me. After
> > all, even though invisible, the cursor still has a position that is
> > affected by mouse movements, is reported in mouse events, and can be
> > read using SDL_GetMouseState() - so one should also be able to set
> > it using SDL_WarpMouse(). If that's not the case on X, I'd consider
> > that a bug (unless the other three properties aren't satisfied there
> > either).
> Actually, I'd also consider the X behavior a bug, althogh, if I
> stretch (far) I can sort of understand why someone might have thought
> it doesn't make sense to move an invisible pointer.
 Making the system mouse cursor invisible and blit some image in its place is 
quite a common practice in games. These developers expect the mouse warpping 
if they ask to, so, unless it breaks something, I think this should implement 
for invisible cursors as well.


> Either way, this is pretty much irrelevant, as this is apparently the
> way some X implementations do it, so we'll either have to accept that
> some SDL applications break on some/most/all X targets, or SDL has to
> work around it.
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