[SDL] sdl_mixer wrong wiki information

Florian Hufsky fhufsky at phorus.at
Sat Nov 26 09:09:41 PST 2005

Am Samstag, den 26.11.2005, 01:57 -0500 schrieb Ryan C. Gordon:
> > Mix_LoadWAV is a macro that creates an SDL_RWops for you then calls 
> > Mix_LoadWAV_RW to load a WAV from a file. It supports WAVE-, MOD-, 
> > MIDI-, OGG- and MP3 files (sometimes depends on compilation options).
> Currently, Mix_LoadWAV supports WAVE, VOC, AIFF, and, apparently, OGG if 
> you #define OGG_MUSIC, but you'd almost certainly not want to use .ogg 
> files of any significant size in here, since it would have to predecode 
> the whole thing (the LoadMUS path decodes more as it needs it).
> --ryan.

i can't confirm this. on windows this just isn't the case.
maybe i did something wrong, could someone else try?

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