[SDL] Re: Mouse position bugs on Mac OS X

E. Wing ewmailing at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 01:34:40 PST 2005

> 2. When using OpenGL, SDL_WarpMouse() inverts the y coordinate.

The mouse inversion problem for windowed-OpenGL appeared going from
Jaguar to Panther. I don't remember if we ever resolved this in an
elegant way. At one point I thought I did, but I remembered I ended up
breaking more stuff and I can't remember if I fixed this or went to an
OS version check to case the two different situations.

So be careful about testing this one between the Jaguar/Panther
barrier. If not done correctly, it will probably (incorrectly) invert
pre-10.3 systems. I would also advise testing the non-OpenGL modes and
maybe even the fullscreen modes.


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