[SDL] Re: Mouse position bugs on Mac OS X

Christian Walther cwalther at gmx.ch
Mon Nov 21 00:06:23 PST 2005

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> We had some pain with vertical mouse coordinates getting flipped when 
> Panther (or was it Jaguar?) first shipped.

I remember that, and it's why I agree the patch needs testing before 
being incorporated.

> Your patch is probably good, but I'll run it through various OS versions 
> on my test box after Thanksgiving.

Thanks. I took my 10.2 CDs with me when I was at home this weekend, only 
to discover that I can't install from them because they are older than 
my powerbook. So testing on 10.2 (and maybe 10.1 - does SDL even run on 
that?) will have to wait until next weekend when I can get my hands on 
the powerbook's own software restore DVD.

I did test it on 10.4.0, and the results are the same as on 10.3.9 - the 
bugs exist and are fixed by my patch.


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