[SDL] strange context switch when changing Window-Size

Koshmaar koshmaar at poczta.onet.pl
Thu Nov 17 08:23:38 PST 2005

> Hi there
> we are coding a 3d action shooter for Linux/Windows/osX, and since we 
> ported to Windows via SDL we have a strange effect, when changing the 
> Screen size in windows:
> (...)
> Then all Textures get removed from rendered Objects, and glLists wont 
> render anymore, but the objects rendered through glVertex, are still 
> visible.
> I suspect, that somehow an openGL context switch occurs, or gl gets 
> reinitialized...
> any help is appreciated
>     Benjamin

Well, that's the way it is on Windows - you change resolution (or toggle 
fullscreen) and you loose GL context - all textures etc. are lost. I'm 
not sure why you've written this mail, but if you meant "my textures are 
lost, how can I do change resolution without loosing them", then answer 
is simple: you can't (on Windows), you need to relead all your textures etc.

AFAIK, of course :-)


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