[SDL] Anybody tried Visual Studio 2005?

'ZENG Ming' ming at zming.net
Wed Nov 16 08:34:26 PST 2005

Hi all,

I found it's somehow very interesting. :-)

At least, now Windows & Windows Mobile program can be developed in the same

I've tried the Express Version of VS2005, which can be download for free.

With windows SDK installed, it can be used to develop native code.

I haven't tried to compile the SDL itself,

but succeed with several typical small SDL examples, like 'DrawSquare',

I used those SDL library files of VC6 directly in VS2005, and they worked.

Maybe, it's easier to create a Windows Mobile version of SDL I think.....

Zeng, Ming
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1098 SJ Amsterdam - The Netherlands
email: mingz at nikhef.nl
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