[SDL] Re: Question about ignoring mouse events

Román Gorojovsky rgorojovsky at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 05:26:11 PST 2005

Yes, thank you, that *almost* worked.

But if you do "while (SDL_PollEvent(&event))" the loop won't even
start, because usually at that point you don't have any event.  So I

while (1) {
    if (SDL_PollEvent(&event))

and that did work.  Thanks a lot.  I'll be back!!!

On 11/16/05, Ryan C. Gordon <icculus at icculus.org> wrote:
>  >      while (1) {
>  >              SDL_PollEvent(&event);
>  >              switch (event.type) {
> You _need_ to check the return value from SDL_PollEvent!
> What is happening is you are getting a legitimate mousebuttondown event,
> and then the next call to SDL_PollEvent() is reporting that there aren't
> any more events, but you are ignoring this and looking at the data from
> the previous event, which is still in the "event" object from the
> previous call.
> It's best to do "while (SDL_PollEvent(&event))", handle all queued
> events, and then do whatever else you want the program to do, then
> repeat it again next frame.
> --ryan.
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