[SDL] sdl audio jittering

Florian Hufsky fhufsky at phorus.at
Tue Nov 15 11:00:31 PST 2005

Gabriel schrieb:

>>Ok. You can't in a clean way.
>>I guess you decode the .oggs on loading and use them as sounds in 
>>sdl_mixer. Or something equally complicated. I haven't seen a *good* way 
>>Good way as in.
>>THE_Sound *s = mix_loadafilethatcontainsaudiodata("bla.mp3");
>>THE_Sound *paralell = mix_loadafilethatcontainsaudiodata("bananarama.ogg");
>>//be happy
>Actually yes, I do it almost like you say. Ripping my source to show
>only the relevant lines,
>        Mix_Chunk* m_pData;
>        SDL_RWops* pRWOps = SDL_RWFromMem(pResource->getData(),
>        pResource->getSize());
>        m_pData = Mix_LoadWAV_RW(pRWOps, false);
>        [...]
>        return Mix_PlayChannel(0, m_pData, 0);
>Instead of keeping telling me that the thing I've been doing for ages
>doesn't work, why don't you just try it and see that it works?
>        --Gabriel
Ok, so I've said it doesn't work.

Let me specify it: It doesn't work in an easy and obvious way.
Havin Mix_LoadWAV_RW load other formats too is a bit strange after all.
And if sdl_mixer is capable of that why didn't they add a generic 
load_compressedformatintosound() ?

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