[SDL] SDL_mixer plays bad quality, linux play is good quality.

Stephane Marchesin stephane.marchesin at wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 14 09:48:49 PST 2005

Laeeq Khan wrote:
> I am using a small SDL program to play a wav file using SDL_mixer library on a
> Linux PC. What I am seeing is SDL program is playing a very bad quality sound (I
> have tried all combinations of frequency, format etc).
> But when I just type
> play abc.wav,
> I get excellent quality sound!!!
> That tells me linux play command is using a different sound driver then
> SDL_mixer, is there a way to tweek the SDL_mixer dirver?
> Let me know if you know any way of tackling this problem.

What's your audio hardware and what SDL version are you using ? If 
that's some AC97 card and your version of SDL is 1.2.7 or older, you 
might want to set the SDL_DSP_NOSELECT environment variable. However, it 
has been removed in later SDL versions so there is no solution if you 
run 1.2.8 or higher (short of patching SDL of course).


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