[SDL] sdl audio jittering

Ricardo Cruz rpmcruz at clix.pt
Mon Nov 14 07:18:03 PST 2005

 Thank you very much for the information.

 You guys must agree that the function name is misleading and should be 
changed. I know a few people that didn't use SDL_mixer because they thought 
it didn't support samples for anything different than WAV. And so did I.


Em Segunda 14 Novembro 2005 02:18, o Gabriel escreveu:
> > Mix_Chunk structure is created with either Mix_LoadWAV_RW() or
> > Mix_LoadWAV() that only accept WAV files as arguments.
> Not true, at least Mix_LoadWAV_RW() loads ogg just fine.
> > PS: this is vanilla SDL_mixer we're talking about, right?
> Yep.
>         --Gabriel

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