[SDL] Not Response on Window Mode (on WindowsXP)

Johannes Schmidt sdl at myrealbox.com
Mon Nov 14 04:11:34 PST 2005

Am Freitag 11 November 2005 21:18 schrieb Wutipong Wongsakuldej:
> My problem is , in Window Mode, application seems like it does not
> response to mouse event (it does not generate mouse event when mouse is
> clicked) even if
> SDL_WM_GrabInput is called. And also , after some click or draging the
> title bar, the window become white and "Not Responding" is shown on
> title (but it is still draw and get input from keyboard).
> This problem is not found on Full-Screen Mode.
> Here is the rendering code :-
> int UpdateScreen(void* data)
> {
[.. graphics code snipped..]
>     return 0;
> }
> working on the separated Thread.

Please keep in mind that
a) SDL is not thread safe
b) You shouldn't do any rendering outside the main thread
 (this is not portable).

Johannes Schmidt

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