[SDL] sdl audio jittering

Ricardo Cruz rpmcruz at clix.pt
Sun Nov 13 16:43:37 PST 2005

Em Domingo 13 Novembro 2005 19:22, o Gerry JJ escreveu:
> På Sun, 13 Nov 2005 16:51:30 +0100, skrev Ricardo Cruz <rpmcruz at clix.pt>:
> > SDL_mixer can't reproduce two OGG/MP3/MOD sounds at once, so they are no
> > good
> > for sound effects. They can only be played in the music channel.
> That's wrong.  OGG and MP3 sound effects work fine in Linux, at least.
> Also, MODs are tracked music, so it doesn't make sense to use those for
> sound effects.
> - Gerry
 Mix_Chunk structure is created with either Mix_LoadWAV_RW() or Mix_LoadWAV() 
that only accept WAV files as arguments. On the other hand, at least last 
time I checked, MixMusic does support a lot of different formats but has an 
unique channnel, so you can't play a lot of those files at once.
 This is a reason why a lot of people use SDL_sound or FMOD.

PS: this is vanilla SDL_mixer we're talking about, right?

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