[SDL] Not Response on Window Mode (on WindowsXP)

Wutipong Wongsakuldej 9tawan at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 12:19:18 PST 2005

David Olofson wrote:
> [...]
>> And the result is still the same (I mean, window is not movable, and 
>> become not respond).
> That's the exact symptoms of ignoring Win32 messages, so it does 
> indeed seem like SDL_PollEvent() isn't getting called regularly, if 
> at all.
I've switched to Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2003 to see if it better. 
And yes it is better, no "Not Responding" anymore, but still cannot take 
any mouse event.
It works fine in Full Screen mode.

I think because in Full Screen mode, all input is managed by 
DirectInput, and it is not when in Window Mode (There's comment state 
that in ./src/video/wincommon/SDL_sysevents.c). Maybe I might check that 
is it possible to use DirectInput all the time.

Also it seems like VS.Net03 does not recognize the source code that it 
is UTF-8, so I have to convert some source file to UTF-8 encoding.

I will managed to test the code on Linux platform as soon as I get the CD.
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