Về Việc: [SDL] SDL Surfaces and OpenGL

danhchitu danhchitu at yahoo.com.vn
Sat Nov 12 22:31:56 PST 2005

My English is bad (i hope so you understand me)
   I'm using SDL with openGL to develop a 3D game and I see:
  IF i use SDL_ttf for draw text on SDL Screen: not problem.
  If my text is the same position with OpenGL's object: text is behind OGL's Object.
  I don't know why.
  I you know why, please send me your solution. Thanks

Curly <sircurl at gmail.com>  đã viết:    We're using SDL with openGL to develop a 3D game and I'm tasked with getting
text to appear on the screen.  I want to use the SDL_ttf add-on, but I can't
tell if this is even possible.  So I guess my real question is, is it possible
to mix SDL surface drawing with openGL rendering?  If so, how?

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