[SDL] sdl audio jittering

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Sat Nov 12 14:41:47 PST 2005

On Saturday 12 November 2005 22.13, Florian Hufsky wrote:
> Ok, my question is if you could help me get rid of that jittering at 
> higher CPU loads. I guess someone with a more decent knowledge of
> SDL audio internals might instantly know the answer.

What do you mean by jittering, more specifically? Are you getting 
audio drop-outs, or is it a matter of varying event->audio output 

> How the thing works:
> I have a
> freq        = 44100;
> channels    = 2;            //stereo
> format        = AUDIO_S16;
> samples        = 2048;   
> SDL_AudioSpec (verified after initalizin, and it's the same format
> that audiere gives us)
> In the audio callback I do the following:
> 1. let audiere mix the next streamlen bytes of audio data
> 2. put it in the sdl audio stream

Are you sure Audiere actually mixes the exact number of bytes you ask 
for? If not, it may not actually render the same amount of data each 
time you call it, which means you'll start missing deadlines long 
before you're at 100% CPU load.

> That's exactly the same thing audiere does in the windows backend.

Same buffer size too?

A general purpose OS usually has hideous scheduling jitter, even for 
so called "real time priority", which severely restricts the latency 
(buffer size) and CPU power available for real time DSP. Say you can 
use 50% of the CPU time without problems with a certain buffer size. 
Cut the buffer size in half, and you could end up getting drop-outs 
even if you use virtually no CPU time att all. It does not scale 
towards zero latency. It scales towards the buffer size that 
corresponds to the worst case scheduling latency.

> I guess the jittering is because of audiere taking too much time to
> mix data (for sdl). However I'm worried because with the windows
> backend everything works fine.

I can't swear that SDL isn't doing something funny, because I've been 
having trouble with Audiality over the SDL audio backend all the 
time, and never been able to figure out what's going on...

However, this is on Windows only! On Linux, I get excellent 
performance whether I use SDL audio or OSS. Even on old Linux kernels 
that have worse real time performance than Windows, Audiality peforms 
much better than on Windows.

> But maybe the windows backend is written a way so that the audio 
> callback can run multiple times at once.

Not sure what you mean... What would that accomplish?

You need to generate exactly the number of samples the callback needs 
- and the only way to minimizi the sensitivity to scheduling jitter 
is to keep the CPU load as steady as possible.

> Do you have any idea what could be the problem? Or what causes audio 
> jittering under SDL in general.

Well, from what I've seen, SDL audio works great on Linux, whereas on 
Windows, there are serious latency problems - by musical synthesis 
standards, at least. (I'd say anything above 10 ms is unacceptable 
for interactive real time synhesis, but you don't need to get 
anywhere near those figures in games. In fact, if you do, you'll need 
to delay the sound effects so they aren't played before the user can 
see the visual events!)

I don't know if the latency problems are caused by Windows, SDL or the 
combination, but I suspect that it's mostly a Windows issue. To get 
anywhere near the "standard" Linux, BeOS and Mac OS latencies on 
Windows, you need to use ASIO, EASI or similar "bypass" audio API 
instead of DirectSound. (KernelStreams might work, but only if you 
disable the internal software mixer.)

One thing you might try is to log and analyze timestamps from various 
places, such as when you enter and leave the SDL audio callback. (Use 
x86 asm RDTSC, Win32 performance counters or something. You *might* 
get away with ms accuracy when looking for critical latency peaks, 
but you'll get more interesting data with µs accuracy or better.)

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