[SDL] Compiling on Mac OSX

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Tue Nov 8 17:39:37 PST 2005

On Nov 8, 2005, at 5:02 PM, Torsten Giebl wrote:

> What is the best way to compile my game or app
> on Mac OSX so it runs on all versions of OSX ?
> Do i really need to compile my app
> with all different OSX SDKs from 10.0 to 10.4 ?

You need to compile it with the lowest common denominator SDK.  If  
you want to run on Mac OS X 10.2 and later, then you need to compile  
it with the 10.2 SDK.  Pick one, not all of them.

I wouldn't bother trying to support 10.0 or 10.1, nobody else does.   
I'm not even sure the latest SDL would compile and work correctly on  
anything less than 10.2.


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