[SDL] more breakage...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Wed Nov 16 19:46:48 PST 2005

Okay, some changes hit CVS a moment ago:

src/SDL_loadso.c is no longer one source file with a bunch of #ifdefs, 
but rather a seperate file for each platform (and a "dummy" version for 
platforms without dynamic loading support).

I also added a Mac OS X version based on mangled version of 
dlcompat...since we don't count on dlopen() existing on the system 
(which it doesn't before Panther!), it allows SDL_LoadObject() to work 
on older OS versions, and also not symbol clash on Tiger, etc.

This shouldn't require changes to project files, since src/SDL_loadso.c 
still exists and (yuck!) #includes the correct source file by platform. 
Patches to correct that are welcome, but I can't personally change the 
project files for every compiler...

Also, Mac OS X now dynamically loads X11 like other Unixes...if you have 
the X11 SDK installed (is that standard now?), you'll get X11 support if 
you build The Unix Way...the OS X version will always use Cocoa by 
default, since it's always available, but this can be useful if you want 
to forcibly redirect your app's video output from your Mac to another 

Finally, fixing Altivec support on PowerPC Linux broke it on Mac OS X, 
if you are using a pre-10.4 SDK...should now work everywhere, I hope.

If something broke, please report it here and we'll fix it. Someone 
might want to add the X11 target to the XCode project, but I don't plan 
to do it.


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