[SDL] I/O problem (stdio and stderr redirection to txt files)

Brian Kropf bkropf at emich.edu
Mon Mar 21 14:40:15 PST 2005

Sorry, gotta step back in on this one.  I don't think Donny is being 
abrasive, I personally think most of his comments are pretty spot on, 
but that's just me.  It's pretty crazy how far afield this thread has 
gotten from a simple "lets remove the stdio redirection" that it started 
from :)

I always thought that one of the benefits of SDL was that it provides a 
thin layer between the underlying OS's video, sound, threading, input, 
etc...  That's the attraction of SDL for me, I don't need to spend hours 
pouring over the documentation of X11, or OSX figuring out how to use 
the respective libraries.  So why would people have such a big problem 
with wanting an API that gives a uniform method of reporting error 
conditions to users?  The actual method can be different (ie stdio, gui 
messagebox, file, etc), but wouldn't it be beneficial?

- brian

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

>> Seriously, and I do mean this seriously: with the exception of Mac OS 
>> X, I am 99% sure that every GUI environment out there could have a 
>> message box function with a macro -- what does this mean? It means 
>> that it would add NOTHING to your program after linking, and like 15 
>> or 20 lines of code to a single SDL header file. SORRY FOR BLOATING 
> Could you explain what macro you plan to implement for the fbcon 
> target which has no window toolkit, no stdio, and no built-in fonts? 
> How about for the X11 target when the user runs the program remotely 
> and can't get a connection? Will you be using a Qt message box on KDE 
> desktops and a GTK+ message box on Gnome desktops, even though the 
> same user on the same system with the same binaries of a given app 
> could be using either on a given run? What is the solution when a 
> given GUI toolkit isn't on the system, or were you planning to 
> statically link with them all just in case, and additionally roll your 
> own in pure Xlib when none of them exist?
> I'm not saying this isn't a real issue, because it is, and any 
> solution on a Unix desktop is a total mess. But you aren't the first 
> person to erroneously jump in without thinking this through, so don't 
> feel too badly about it. Oh, which reminds me...
>>  You aren't the first person to erroneously make
>> these comparisons, so don't feel to bad about it.
> People would probably be more agreeable to your point of view if you 
> didn't spend so much energy on belittling them. I think this is the 
> second time today I'm pointing this out on this mailing list. If you 
> aren't intentionally being abrasive, please let me tell you that it is 
> perceived as such, and it's a hinderance to your ability to 
> successfully express your point of view.
> --ryan.
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