[SDL] I/O problem (stdio and stderr redirection to txt files)

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sun Mar 20 21:38:07 PST 2005

> Seriously, and I do mean this seriously: with the exception of Mac OS X, 
> I am 99% sure that every GUI environment out there could have a message 
> box function with a macro -- what does this mean? It means that it would 
> add NOTHING to your program after linking, and like 15 or 20 lines of 
> code to a single SDL header file. SORRY FOR BLOATING YOUR APPLICATION SO 

Could you explain what macro you plan to implement for the fbcon target 
which has no window toolkit, no stdio, and no built-in fonts? How about 
for the X11 target when the user runs the program remotely and can't get 
a connection? Will you be using a Qt message box on KDE desktops and a 
GTK+ message box on Gnome desktops, even though the same user on the 
same system with the same binaries of a given app could be using either 
on a given run? What is the solution when a given GUI toolkit isn't on 
the system, or were you planning to statically link with them all just 
in case, and additionally roll your own in pure Xlib when none of them 

I'm not saying this isn't a real issue, because it is, and any solution 
on a Unix desktop is a total mess. But you aren't the first person to 
erroneously jump in without thinking this through, so don't feel too 
badly about it. Oh, which reminds me...

>  You aren't the first person to erroneously make
> these comparisons, so don't feel to bad about it.

People would probably be more agreeable to your point of view if you 
didn't spend so much energy on belittling them. I think this is the 
second time today I'm pointing this out on this mailing list. If you 
aren't intentionally being abrasive, please let me tell you that it is 
perceived as such, and it's a hinderance to your ability to successfully 
express your point of view.


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