[SDL] SDL/OpenGL and Portability

Steaphan Greene stea at cs.binghamton.edu
Thu Mar 31 08:11:43 PST 2005

It's great news that the 5.1 Windows interface works, now.  Thanks
for fixing it.

David Ergo wrote:

>Here is a patch to correct the 2 bugs and also other bugs.
>Bug 1 (LFE channel saturated) has been corrected in a more generic way :
>-    args->lfe_u8 = 255;
>-    args->lfe_f = 255.0f;
>+    args->lfe_u8 = speaker_amplitude[5];
>+    args->lfe_f = ((float) speaker_amplitude[5]) / 255.0f;
>Bug 2 has been corrected by adding code in _WIN32 "ifdef".
Is that #ifdef in the Windows audio driver, so that it gets the channel
order right for all SDL output?  Including midi?


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