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Roadkill road-kill at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 11 18:30:30 PST 2005

I don't mind if it doesn't work on every system, this is a quick and 
dirty program (parts of it anyway). I just noticed this when I got an 
error. It couldn't compile the program because it doesn't know the size 
of the SDL_Joystick struct. Some how vc7 is able to compile this. I'm 
not sure if thats because vc8 is closer to the standard or just a beta. 
It might be better to move the struct into SDL_joystick.h.

Anyway, I guess I'll just have to define the struct.


Petr Kocmid wrote:

>On Friday 11 of March 2005 11:36, Roadkill wrote:
>>I am trying to use SDL with vc8. I've been having quite a few problems.
>>The library won't even compile for starters, but I'm not asking about
>>that now. I want to know why the _SDL_Joystick structure is defined in
>>SDL_sysjoystick.h instead of SDL_joystick.h?
>>A comment seems to indicate that this struct is system specific "/* This
>>is the system specific header for the SDL joystick API */". Is this
>Maybe I will sound trollish, but to me SDL joystick is not something I can 
>trust to. For example, some modern USB HID devices, such as Saitek pads 
>calibrate as many as 24 axes during init event, causing SDL parachute crash 
>due to massive buffer overflows in joystick init. I would suggest using a 
>different API if you do not wish to debug dirty SDL internals. I ended up 
>with some 30 lines of pure python code interfacing linux kernel legacy 
>joystick API directly, on windows you can stick with DirectInput and you'll 
>get user configurability for free.
>Petr Kocmid
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