[SDL] Re: SDL Digest, Vol 11, Issue 33

Alex alex00882007 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 16:33:48 PST 2005

On Friday 11 of March 2005 11:36, Roadkill wrote:

> I am trying to use SDL with vc8. I've been having quite a few problems.
> The library won't even compile for starters, but I'm not asking about
> that now. I want to know why the _SDL_Joystick structure is defined in
> SDL_sysjoystick.h instead of SDL_joystick.h?
> A comment seems to indicate that this struct is system specific "/* This
> is the system specific header for the SDL joystick API */". Is this
> correct?

Maybe I will sound trollish, but to me SDL joystick is not something I can 
trust to. For example, some modern USB HID devices, such as Saitek pads 
calibrate as many as 24 axes during init event, causing SDL parachute crash 
due to massive buffer overflows in joystick init. I would suggest using a 
different API if you do not wish to debug dirty SDL internals. I ended up 
with some 30 lines of pure python code interfacing linux kernel legacy 
joystick API directly, on windows you can stick with DirectInput and you'll 
get user configurability for free.

Petr Kocmid

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