[SDL] Building SDL1.2.8 in Cygwin ... DX9 hearders issue?

Charles Darvy charles_darvy at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 25 04:25:10 PST 2005

Alan Wolfe schrieb:
> not really related to the topic, but i think if someone made an SDL add on
> library that used the native GUI to add a menubar at the top of the SDL
> window (in the OS drawn portion of the window) and had a way to make menu
> items call functions within your SDL program that would really really be
> cool (:
> im not sure if it's possible, but that would really be neat i think

Not really an add-on, I guess. It would need to hook in deeper and be
more like sort of a patch to (or branch of) SDL. It would be cool,
though, I agree. But the actual question is whether it's worth bloating
the API with. :)

Also, one would need to clarify what should happen in fullscreen mode.


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