[SDL] taking over an SDL window

Daniel danfrith at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 05:25:01 PST 2005


I am really new to SDL, so please bear with me...

I am making a DLL extension for a piece of 2D game coding software (called
Fenix). My extension is a 3D engine using opengl.

Fenix uses SDL...so that's why i'm here. Fenix uses software blitting onto a
hardware SDL_Surface (called "screen") set using SDL_setvideomode.

In my DLL, I take over the window to use for opengl. (I would then like to grab
the data from the "screen" surface, and send it to opengl as a texture, so that
I can still display Fenix's software drawing, but from within my 3D engine.)

However, I don't know how to stop SDL from playing with the window.

If I re-set "screen" as a memory surface using SDL_CreateRGBSurface I can see my
opengl!! (this was quite a breakthrough for me...)

However, I think SDL is still somehow attached to the window, as I see some
weird things in my opengl, like the depth buffer is still being modified or
something...polygons appearing in front of closer ones etc...

The only time I can get my opengl to display *normally* is when Fenix does
absolutely *no* software drawing (and therefore probably does not call sdl
update or flip functions).

Sorry for the long explanation...can anyone help me?


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