[SDL] mouse sensitivity

Christoph charnold at gmx.de
Tue Jun 28 02:27:35 PDT 2005

> OK, that makes sense.
> Is there any reason I can't just do call SDL_QuitSubsystem() and then 
> SDL_InitSubsystem() on all platforms anyway?

Whoops, sorry, Xavier was right - you don't need to reinitalize video subsystem, just call SDL_SetVideoMode and it should be fine. I've checked it few minutes ago with my engine and it worked. However...

> Hmmm... Guess we're out of the SDL realm here and talking about OpenGL...
> I'd have thought that if the context is destroyed, all the texture 
> objects go with it (although I know there is a way to tell contexts to 
> share textures).
> I could imagine that a lot of opengl drivers implement glGenTextures and 
> glDeleteTextures as null operations and just have a big internal array 
> of texture pointers - this would explain why the guy on gamedev could 
> use old (unallocated) texture names... but really I'd like to know what 
> the 'proper' answer is here...

... after toggling fullscreen, textures were deleted. First I thought there's sth wrong with my code, but then I found this:


So, OGL context is destroyed => textures are deleted => you have to reload them :-/


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